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Winter Darknight Alternate Reference Sheet by MysticalGMA Winter Darknight Alternate Reference Sheet :iconmysticalgma:MysticalGMA 2 0 Drubin (Fox Scars Fan Character) by MysticalGMA Drubin (Fox Scars Fan Character) :iconmysticalgma:MysticalGMA 2 3
Polar Opposites Chapter 14
Continuing from the last chapter. Dustin and Winter were talking about where Beatrix might possibly be. To their surprise she was kidnapped by Denis an albino wolf who has a pack that will stop at nothing to get what they want. What could they possibly want with Dustin, and why is his daughter being held captive? Before Winter and Dustin finished their conversation they decided to come up with a plan to free Beatrix and take out Denis along with his pack. Winter asks, “Dustin sir are you sure that this plan will work?”
Dustin answers, “Yes Winter I’m sure. Our plan is full proof. Now we just need to execute it. Hmm? I got it! Meet me here at my den tomorrow morning before we depart, and make sure you bring your family with you.”
Winter asks, “Ugh okay…. Wait sir why do you want me to bring them?”
Dustin answers, “I need to fill them in on our plan to rescue Beatrix. Also we could use all the help that we can get.” He then turn
:iconmysticalgma:MysticalGMA 1 0
Grooooowlithe!  by MysticalGMA Grooooowlithe! :iconmysticalgma:MysticalGMA 2 2 Denis Reference Sheet by MysticalGMA Denis Reference Sheet :iconmysticalgma:MysticalGMA 3 0
Polar Opposites Chapter 13
Continuing from the last chapter Winter has found a rock with the ancient foot writing known as The Dance of the Foxes. The note is written by Beatrix and is addressed to her father Dustin. The leader of Winter’s clan. What could be inscribed on the rock? Winter and his family successfully make it back to the campsite with news for Dustin about Beatrix and where she might be. Winter yells, “Hey Dustin we’re back, and we found something!”
Dustin hears Winter and says, “You did? What did you guys find out about my daughter? Was she kidnapped and do we know the culprit?” Winter takes a second to breathe and gently places the rock on the ground in front of Dustin. Dustin asks, “What’s that? A note? From who?”
Winter replies back, “Yes it’s a note from Beatrix.”
Dustin, “How do you know that it was from her Winter? I can’t make out what the note says. Do you have any idea what the note says Winter?”
:iconmysticalgma:MysticalGMA 2 0
Winter Darknight Ref Sheet Remade  by MysticalGMA Winter Darknight Ref Sheet Remade :iconmysticalgma:MysticalGMA 2 0 Rainby Wolf (Art Trade)  by MysticalGMA Rainby Wolf (Art Trade) :iconmysticalgma:MysticalGMA 5 2 Latitwo (Latias x Mewtwo) Fan Art by MysticalGMA Latitwo (Latias x Mewtwo) Fan Art :iconmysticalgma:MysticalGMA 3 3 Twinzies! by MysticalGMA Twinzies! :iconmysticalgma:MysticalGMA 4 0
Polar Opposites Chapter 12
Continuing from the last chapter Dustin is trying to carry his mate all the way to an empty den where she can have their kit. Dustin asks that she try to save her strength and rest. Now with his mate sleeping on his back he is more vulnerable. He must be careful not to disturb her slumber or provoke anyone in the area leading to the den. Everything is peaceful for now. A few hours later Dustin makes it safely to the den with his mate on his back. He decides to lay her down gently and gather up some food from around the area. She’s going to need her strength and so is he. He whispers to her, “Don’t worry honey I’ll be right back. I’m gonna go catch some dinner for us. Just sit tight and I’ll be back before you know it. You won’t even notice I’m gone.” Dustin then walks off.
Soon after he left his mate awoke from her slumber. Of course she was asleep, so she had no idea where he might have gone off to. However she assumed it was for f
:iconmysticalgma:MysticalGMA 1 0
Polar Opposites Chapter 11
Continuing from the last chapter. Dustin’s daughter Beatrix has gone missing. Of course no one wants to assume the worst, but it is very possible that it’s a more serious concern then everyone thinks. Everyone is in shock and Dustin says, “I returned home from dinner at the square last night hoping to see her safe and sound, but I was wrong. Where could she have gone? I’m informing you all of this incident because I fear that she has traveled to far from the base camp and it’s dangerous to wander out in the night. There has been so many rogues wandering around that she very well could have gotten kidnapped by one of them.  We must prepare a search party to find her, and make sure that she is okay, and returns home safely.”
Winter replies, “I think I might know where she went.” Everyone suddenly turns to Winter, as he speaks. “I’ll join the search for her. I was the last one to talk with her, and she never told me anything
:iconmysticalgma:MysticalGMA 1 0
Dustin Ref Sheet by MysticalGMA Dustin Ref Sheet :iconmysticalgma:MysticalGMA 4 0 Bree (Payment Request) by MysticalGMA Bree (Payment Request) :iconmysticalgma:MysticalGMA 6 2 Meet The Artist Meme  by MysticalGMA Meet The Artist Meme :iconmysticalgma:MysticalGMA 2 0
Polar Opposites Chapter 10
Continuing from the last chapter Winter and Levi both show their parents to their den. Then the two brothers head back to their den. “Well now that was fun,” Winter says to Levi.
Levi replies, “Yeah. We got to see mommy and daddy again, and we got to bring them to the camp. I know it’s not the best, but this will be our new home. Winter promise me we won’t ever leave this place.”
Winter re-assured him, “Yes I promise Levi. I hope we never have to leave this place either. I kind of like it here too. I mean I made a new friend, and I would hate to have to leave her.”
Levi starts teasing Winter, “Winter’s got a girlfriend! Winter’s got a girlfriend!”
Winter gets embarrassed and says, “Levi quiet down. She’s not my girlfriend. I haven’t even known her that long.”  
Levi calms down and says, “Okay, sorry big bro. I was only teasing.”
Winter replies, “It’s fine. I gues
:iconmysticalgma:MysticalGMA 1 0


.. Deadly Magic Tricks .. by Zaria-The-Wolf .. Deadly Magic Tricks .. :iconzaria-the-wolf:Zaria-The-Wolf 6 0 Doshi ref 2017 by glasske Doshi ref 2017 :iconglasske:glasske 3 0 Eknath Headshot by KingTemperance Eknath Headshot :iconkingtemperance:KingTemperance 4 2 Shades by KeVinLaRos Shades :iconkevinlaros:KeVinLaRos 6 0 Sylera Basic Ref by Ferndust Sylera Basic Ref :iconferndust:Ferndust 29 2 Eknath Ref sheet by KingTemperance Eknath Ref sheet :iconkingtemperance:KingTemperance 4 0 Strawbs by sbneko Strawbs :iconsbneko:sbneko 67 5 Head In The Dust, Feet In The Fire by Ferndust Head In The Dust, Feet In The Fire :iconferndust:Ferndust 34 4 BASEcustomforMintyAmbitions100 by Shadowfoxnjp BASEcustomforMintyAmbitions100 :iconshadowfoxnjp:Shadowfoxnjp 2 0 Not as weak as I seem to be .:Art-Trade:. by ArtyAthie Not as weak as I seem to be .:Art-Trade:. :iconartyathie:ArtyAthie 24 10 Dark Revolution MAP Part 27 by Anna-IgnisDraconis Dark Revolution MAP Part 27 :iconanna-ignisdraconis:Anna-IgnisDraconis 9 9 Yet another icon by Deresta2002 Yet another icon :iconderesta2002:Deresta2002 5 1 Scarlett :ArtTrade:. by ArtyAthie Scarlett :ArtTrade:. :iconartyathie:ArtyAthie 18 6 Dark Revolution - Page 93 by IceriftFyera Dark Revolution - Page 93 :iconiceriftfyera:IceriftFyera 59 25 All In Due Time... by SwagFeather All In Due Time... :iconswagfeather:SwagFeather 14 2 Had a daughter, thought we'd call her Freddy by TragicFangirl Had a daughter, thought we'd call her Freddy :icontragicfangirl:TragicFangirl 9 7



Winter Darknight Alternate Reference Sheet
This is an alternative ref sheet for my main fursona Winter. I got some new colored pencils a few days back and decided to test them out yesterday. I love how bright these colors are. I'm definitely gonna buy these pencils from now on instead of my Prisma colors 'cause the quality is so much better. Until next time peace out my fox clan.
51 deviations
I got this idea from :iconkawaiimewtwo:'s journal. In other words I guess I''ll count her as tagging me to do dis.

You have to post ALL the rules.
Answer 10 questions that you have been asked then create 10 more questions for the others that you tagged to answer.
Choose 10 people.
Legitimately tag these 10 people. 
You can't say you don't do tags. 
Tag backs are allowed. 

Questions from the person who tagged me. 

1. Are you in a relationship? 
Yes. I am in a relationship with :iconcrystalfalkin12:.

2. Favorite Childhood Show?
Definitely a tie between Beyblade and Pokemon.

3. Do you play video games? If so which ones?
Yes. I play a bunch of games on my own time. Games like Luigi's Mansion Dark Moon, Pokemon Gold, FIFA 13, and many others that I don't remember the names of.

4. Introvert or Extrovert?
I'd say extrovert, but it really depends on how well I know the person that I'm talking to.

5. Favorite Exotic Animal? (Like panda bears, tigers, etc.)
My favorite exotic animal is a fox. A fennic fox to be exact.

6. Dogs or Cats?
Hmm. Both, but cats are cuter. X3

7. If you could be any fictional character who would you be and why?
Hmm. That's tough. I think I would want to be Jenga from the Beyblade anime series. He's always happy and ready to face any type of opponent. The more stronger the opponent the more confident he is in winning the battle. Which is my favorite thing about him. However he doesn't always win all of his battles, but if he loses he takes a look back at what he could do better and comes up with a new way to defeat his next opponent. 

8. Traditional Art or Digital Art? 
Traditional art for sure 'cause that's what I mostly draw and what I am use to.

9. What's your favorite school project?
I haven't been in school for a while, but I remember that there was this one project in my Economics class that I had to do in high school before I graduated. It was a group project, and I had to be in a group of three people including myself. We all had to make a video together about an economic term that we learned about in class. Each one of us had to be involved in the making of the video in some way shape or form. It was kind of a dumb assignment at first, but I did end up enjoying it afterward.

10. In Real Life friends or Online Friends?
In Real Life friends are better in my opinion 'cause you can see them all the time and hangout with them. However I think it's good to also have some Online Friends as well 'cause I always like to have at least someone to talk to other then myself from the comfort of my own home.

Questions for people that I have tagged.
1. What's your favorite thing to do in your spare time?
2. Do you have any pet peeves or things that drive you crazy?
3. Do you have a mental disorder? If so does that disorder affect the way you work?
4. If you could pick any place in the world to live in (fantasy or real life) where would you live and why? 
5. What made you come to Deviant Art and start posting drawings, photos, etc?  
6. Do you have any characters that you forget are yours that you have gotten from someone else? Whether its through trade, adoptable, or other. I have a whole bunch of characters that I have gotten from other people, but I always end up forgetting about them all except maybe a few. XD 
7. Which one of your characters/personas best represents you as a person in real life? For me it's my fursona Winter. 
8. Is there anything that really interests you? It can be almost anything. 
9. What was the biggest decision that you made that changed your life? It can be a good decision or a bad decision. 
10. What's you're favorite color I guess? XD sorry I ran out of ideas for questions. 

People I tag.
:iconkawaiimewtwo: He he I tagged you back buddy X3
:iconcrystalfalkin12: I don't know if you will see this or not, so you don't have to do this.




MysticalGMA's Profile Picture
Steven Estrada
Artist | Student | Varied
United States
A furry art student that likes to draw for fun, and hopes to one day make a living out of my hobby. My icon was made by :icondoxiie: . My profile pic was made by my good friend :icondanderwoodwere:. I'm always open to meeting new faces. Feel free to ask me about anything in notes and such.
Other Social medias:
Furry Amino (active): Winter Darknight
Pokemon Sun and Moon Amino (active): Winter Darknight
Twitter (Semi-active):
Google Hangouts (active): Winter Darknight (For close friends only. I will only add you on here if I know you or if I enjoy talking to you.)
Skype (Semi-active): stevenestrada99 (Same rule that applies on Hangouts. I will only add you if I know you or if I enjoy talking to you.)

Sexuality: Straight and will never change.

Relationship status: Taken by :iconcrystalfalkin12:

. ..-██---. put this on your
. ██████. deviantART page if
. ..--██---. you're not ashamed
. ..--██---. to declare to others
. ..--██---. the love and joys
. ..--██---. of being a Christian


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